Useful resources from Food Power

These resources offer further learning on the issues surrounding food poverty and how to take action. As Food Power develops over three years they'll be generating more learning to share on these topics - including guidelines for action, case studies and a series of webinars. Food Power have brought together a collection of food poverty action plans and needs assessments that have been published in different areas across the UK, and are also working with Sustainable Food Cities to develop a further library of food poverty resources and local initiatives.

Mapping Local Food Webs Toolkit

Mapping your local "food web" - the connections between producers, retailers and consumers - highlights its importance for your local economy, landscape and community. This toolkit provides all the materials and guidance you will need for a successful project.

Manchester Real Food Guide

Manchester Friends of the Earth have created a website to provide information on what 'Real Food' is, why to buy and eat it, and how to find it in Manchester and the locality.

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