• Charlie Spring

Guidelines for blog posters

Here: a subtitle that summarises your post in a few short, punchy sentences and entices readers to continue.

Use this space to inform potential members of current, interesting stories. Think of it as an ongoing conversation where we can share updates about transforming Greater Manchester's food system towards something better.

There are lots of options for styling a blog post!

Keep our blog organised with Categories that also allow visitors to explore topics that interest them.

Create Relevant Content

We can improve this site’s SEO ranking by including topics that focus on relevant keywords and relate back to the diverse organisations making up Greater Manchester's foodscape. You can also add hashtags (#foodjustice #farming #healthyeating) throughout your posts to reach more people, and help visitors search for relevant content.

Choose a great image to feature in your post or add a video for extra engagement. The gallery function allows a series of photos to be displayed. Are you ready to get started? Create a new post now.

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